Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Creativity - Sabrina Style

While we were at our local Michael's store signing up for Wilton classes, Sabrina found a cute pair of flip flops that just begged to decorated. A bottle of glue, faux-crystal charms, a little imagination, and she was good to go:

She takes her crafts very seriously:

How cute are these?
The only gripe I have is the bottle of glue we bought - the salesperson said it would make the charms stay on even if the sandals got wet. Yeah, well so does my hot glue gun!

Sabrina signed up for the Wilton 1 Class, which starts on Saturday. They normally don't allow children under the age of 12, but as long as I stay in the vicinity of the classroom, the instructor said it was fine. Sabrina is so excited!!

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