Monday, June 30, 2008

Kanpai! Sushi Night!

Sabrina made sushi last night! Now there's something I never thought we'd make at home! It's just rice, seaweed, vegetables and some crab (not the kind that begins with a "k"), so I knew she could do it!

We went to Whole Paycheck to find the correct sushi rice and a piece of ahi tuna for David - sadly, the tuna is being returned today, it was tough and for that price, they can have it back!

Here she is, patting the rice onto the sheet of seaweed: (notice the trays of meatballs in the background - that was their other project yesterday!)

Next, laying out her fillings: fresh king crab, cucumber, avocado - sounds like a California Roll to me!
Rolling it up wasn't so hard, after watching the sushi chefs for years, it's pretty simple -

Artfully arranged on the platter:

We threw in some panko breaded shrimp that I found at Costco - they were great. And Sabrina even ate one - she usually doesn't like shrimp but she enjoyed these!

Alexander wasn't up 100% yesterday, too many late nights have led to a cranky boy, so he had teriyaki chicken with steamed rice. But the sushi was awesome, and Sabrina was so thrilled that she made it herself!

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April said...

Very impressive!!