Friday, May 9, 2008

Eggs - Alexander Style

Nothing like a good night sleep to make you wake up good and hungry. Alexander surprised me at 6:15 this morning with "I'm starving! Can we have eggs for breakfast?" I told him that since he has his own blog, he could do it!

One of his favorite things to do is crack the eggs. Sabrina hates it because she doesn't like to get "egg juice" on her hands.

But he got busy right away. After breaking the eggs into a bowl, he mixed them up, and added a splash of milk:

Then, he preheated the pan (which I had sprayed with non-stick spray first) and carefully added his eggs:
The hardest part of this is waiting. He tried to attack the eggs with a spatula right away, but I told him to wait unless he wanted them mutilated . In the interim, we cooked up hashbrowns and sausage patties.

And of course, there's always someone loitering in the background, waiting to see if something will come her way:
Ok, breakfast is ready! Eggs perfectly cooked, hash browns toasty, and sausage patty covered in maple syrup. Ready for another hard day at school!

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Vince said...

Wow !!!!..Those eggs and hash browns look very tasty. I'd like to come over for breakfast and have some.