Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alexander's waffles

Since it's Saturday (yeah!!), there's always more time for breakfast. So when Alexander came downstairs early and announced he was ready to eat, I told him he could be in charge of his breakfast destiny. "Waffles today!", he announced.

So I helped him set up the waffle iron, and here he is in action - today we are using boxed Aunt Jemina mix, since I wanted to keep things simple.

First he learned how to properly measure out the mix -

Then add the water -

And 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil -

Stir gently - so it doesn't go flying all over the counter - and yes, that happened!!

Ladle into your waffle iron -

So he didn't get quite enough batter the first time, but that's ok - it looks like a dinosaur came and took a bite out of it!!

And enjoy! Good job, Alexander!!

Come back later, Alexander says he wants to make crumb cake!

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